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Opening a call center: Everything you need to know

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The opening of a call center can be an interesting activity, in fact with reduced investments you can have excellent results and interesting earnings prospects. Those approaching the call center world need to know important data in order to evaluate all aspects to start this activity.

Here you will find all the tips to understand how to invest in this sector and open a call center that can have a profit prospect.

Investing in this activity does not require large capital or important expenses, this is because it is possible to find all-inclusive solutions called franchises that allow us to start up the call center without great costs.

For these solutions you need to rely on professionals, like our group, who will help you achieve the opening of the call center from scratch.

Call center opening: What is needed?
The first steps to open a call center are to evaluate the budget we have available, that is how much we want to invest in this activity.

This sector allows us to start even with a very low investment such as the possibility of opening a call center from home , so we can eliminate for example the cost of the office and other small monthly expenses.

If you are evaluating the opening of a home call center, you should consider that you cannot start with many stations, in fact it is advisable in this case to start with up to 4-5 stations.

The opening costs for this type are around € 3,000 and represent the minimum to start and start with this activity.

Opening a professional call center
If instead we are oriented towards a more professional solution that can guarantee us even higher profits, we must definitely consider the possibility of opening a call center that is not less than 10 seats.

The number of stations in fact assures us a greater number of calls, therefore of greater contacts, and this allows us to have the prospect of increasing our possible gains over time.

The opening of a call center greater than 10 seats, allows us to have a rapid development of our call center, with a fast return of the invested capital.

A call center with 10 stations usually costs around 6,000 to 8,000 euros.

Call center opening: The choice of where to open
Another element to consider and choose the place where the call center will be opened, the choice not only of the office but also of the place.
The placement of the call center is an element that should not be underestimated, fortunately, compared to other commercial activities that require a central place, we can also decide to open the call center in the suburbs, but the thing that we will have to take into account and that the choice of place must be made also facilitating the access of the people who will have to work.

In choosing the office where we will open the call we will therefore have to take into account some aspects such as the proximity of public transport and free parking areas to allow operators to reach the call center easily.

The choice of the office where the call center will be built must take into account some technical features that our experts will analyze and study for you, such as the type of ADSL line that place can have, from what kind of signal is reached , the distance from the station and other structural features to ensure that the opening of the call center complies with the legal requirements.

Opening the call center – legal requirements
Over the years, the regulations have changed, so a call center must be opened in accordance with the law and complying with current regulations.

The opening of the call center requires a whole series of obligations, such as the new privacy legislation, respect for safety in the workplace, enrollment in Roc and more, obligations that can be complicated for those who want to start this business.

Our task is to guide you in every step in these phases, simplifying the bureaucratic process for opening the call center, and helping you achieve your goal, to open a productive call center.

Call center opening: The necessary equipment
Once we have decided on the initial investment, and once all the bureaucratic requirements have been met, to make the call center work, we will need all the necessary equipment.
From a technical point of view, a call center must have various tools such as a central server, switchboard that processes calls, software to manage telemarketing and teleselling activities, operators with computers and accessories, furnishings, telephone lines that can save us money on monthly expense.

Here too we are there, we will design the call center, we will realize all the systems, so that the only thing you will have to do is show us the office where the call center will be built.

Call center opening – work mandates
Once the whole part of the plant has been started and constructed, we now need to find the customers who can assure us the work from the first day of the call center opening.

How and where to find clients and work mandates for the call center? but above all knowing how to choose and evaluate whether these work mandates are the right ones for the call center, if they allow us to earn.

The search for job orders for the call center, especially in the opening phase, is a very delicate operation that requires experience and knowledge in the sector.

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