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The franchising call center – the formula to open a complete call center

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The franchising formula is the ideal solution to open a call center complete with everything. The franchising call center is the best way to start a call center in peace and is also suitable for those starting from scratch without having specific skills in this area.

The franchise call center allows you to become an affiliate agency and take advantage of all.

The franchise provides everything you need, in fact with Sistelia call center franchising the agency will be complete with everything and ready to be operational from the first day of opening.

We will take care to guide you step by step to the opening of the call center, designing a solution tailored to your profile, we will guide you in all administrative and bureaucratic tasks, we will provide all the support and assistance for your call center and we will train the your personal.


We provide you the work mandates of the best national and international companies in the various sectors of telephony, light, gas, but not only … tourism, financial and insurance sector, medical and health sector, food sector, toll-free numbers and assistance services customer, virtual secretarial services and much more.

Sistelia call center the most important call center network in Italy


The first network of call center agencies in Italy – the 13 steps to open a winning call center

Sistelia call center franchising  is the largest network of call center agencies in Italy with over 80 affiliated agencies. an innovative solution that has guaranteed the success and development of numerous call centers.

How to open a call center with Sistelia call center franchise?

Our solution allows you to have everything you need to open your own affiliate call center agency, 

What are the advantages of opening a call center with Sistelia franchising.

The advantages are numerous, the first is to be part of a large group and to , the necessary support, also by opening a franchising call center we have the possibility of using a call center already ready and working immediately .

We will provide you with:

1) The call center system: our technicians will design the contact center system directly on the layout of your office

 2) The operator stations will be made up of certified and guaranteed personal computers, accessories such as keyboards, mice and headsets professional soundproofing.

3) Furniture and desks for custom designed and built call centers

4) Dattilo chairsfor operators who comply with labor regulations

5) Teleced Software the best software to manage all the activities of a modern call center, our software was designed by our technical team in 10 years of experience is equipped with the most important functions that a call center needs, such as management and creation of campaigns, management of telemarketing and teleselling telephone campaigns, mail campaigns, sms campaigns, importing and exporting lists, automated calls with intelligent dialer or click to dial, management of operator recalls, control of history of activities, agenda management for commercial agents, call reporting, interactive chat with team leaders and much more.

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